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The second anticipate are that dating anywhere between anxiety susceptibility and you can O-C episodes will be mediated from the metacognition

The second anticipate are that dating anywhere between anxiety susceptibility and you can O-C episodes will be mediated from the metacognition

I lengthened including results demonstrating that stress sensitivity is a significant predictor regarding attribute stress as well as condition nervousness, hence metacognition is a stronger intermediary when compared to feature and you will state anxiety with the relationship ranging from stress sensitiveness and you will O-C attacks

Results revealed that the total effect of anxiety sensitivity on O-C symptoms was significant (.49, se = .12, t = 7.01, p < .001, LCI = .61, UCI = 1.09), but was reduced to a non-significant level once the mediators were included (.05, se = .14, t = .70, p = .48, LCI = -.17, UCI = .37). Of the mediators analysed (Fig. 1), metacognition had the strongest indirect effect on O-C symptoms (.39, se = .07, LCI = .19, UCI = .45, p < .001). Trait anxiety also had a significant indirect effect (.22, se = .20, LCI = .08, UCI = .85, p < .05), whereas the indirect effect of state anxiety was not significant (.14, se = .19, LCI = -.07, UCI = .67, p = .11). Results of the contrast between these mediators revealed that metacognition was significantly different than state anxiety (.19, se = .09, LCI = ?.37, UCI = -.02; but not significantly different to trait anxiety (.14, se = .09, LCI = -.34, UCI = .03). The contrast between trait anxiety and state anxiety was not significant (?.05, se = .09, LCI = -.23, UCI = .13). Finally, gender had no significant effects on any of the variables (all ps > .12), and age only had a significant effect on O-C symptoms (? = ? .14, p < .05), suggesting that O-C symptoms diminish with age (all other p > .20). These results suggest that the effect of anxiety sensitivity on O-C symptoms is fully mediated by the levels of metacognition and trait anxiety to a lesser extent Footnote 1 .


I predicted that levels of O-C attacks is influenced by levels of nervousness sensitiveness, trait nervousness, county stress, and you may degrees of metacognition. The outcome offered this anticipate due to the fact the parameters learned displayed strong and significant correlations. At the same time, today’s studies together with verified a primary relationships anywhere between anxiety sensitivity and you may O-C symptoms inside the a non-clinical society, having high degrees of anxiety awareness predicting highest degrees of O-C attacks . Anxiety awareness was advised while the an intellectual chance grounds having OCD; such, those with large nervousness susceptibility thought unpleasant human body sensations given that a good manifestation of issues . As well, stress sensitivity has also been highlighted since the a cognitive chance factor getting nervousness . Such abilities extend early in the day results showing a powerful dating ranging from profile out of stress sensitiveness and levels of O-C symptoms, which it dating can be found in a low-health-related test .

There was assistance for it anticipate as the past escort sites Brownsville TX findings indicated that metacognitive philosophy predict different disorders such as for example wellness stress , OCD , and you may despair . Likewise, past performance showed that metacognition mediated the relationship ranging from attribute stress and you may O-C periods . Even though O-C symptoms was basically synchronised which have characteristic stress and county nervousness, its connection with O-C attacks is actually diminished when metacognition are taken into consideration.

That it development off overall performance suggest that anxiety relevant sensations increases and maintain the affect O-C attacks via metacognitive thinking. This new conclusions regarding the data and highlight the importance of metacognition in the matchmaking anywhere between stress sensitiveness and O-C episodes in addition to the effect off state and trait stress. The analyses revealed that the parameters was basically extreme predictors out-of O-C symptoms when removed alone but when researching these types of variables in the a parallel analysis, metacognition try the best mediator regarding O-C episodes.

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