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If/when that region is breached, we will update our wave count accordingly. SPX ended the week with a negative short term divergence, which suggests another pullback may be on the horizon. A classic chart, just as a great painting, will stand the test of time. Such is the case with the 100-year DOW chart Tony Caldaro posted here on the public blog on October 21, 2017. The chart reveals, like any masterpiece, many levels of information.

There can be no guarantees, but a 4.236 wave is nothing to sniffle at. Unlike some other Elliott analysts, I do not dismiss the activity of the FED from moving financial markets, regardless of my opinion of the utility of the FED. Down from November 7, 2021 high, wave 1 ended at $186.53, and rally in wave 2 ended at $243. SOL’s price resumed lower in wave 3 towards $148 low, and rally in wave 4 ended at $204.78.

After posting another all-time high during the previous week at 3154, SPX started this week/month with a sharp pullback to 3070. This ~2.7% decline was the largest counter trend move since October and sets up some interesting possibilities. The pictured scenario sees 3154 as a completed wave, either Micro wave 3, or a potential Nano wave i from the downtrend low at 2856 in early October. The Micro wave 3 scenario suggests the current uptrend may be at or close to completion, while the Nano wave i scenario suggests a very bullish extension may be in play. Consequently, we’ve updated the medium term status as an inflection point.

elliott wave blog

The Elliot Wave pattern works in a relatively simple way. As mentioned below, there are five waves that usually happen within a short or a long period. You can most famous day traders use the Elliott wave across the various asset classes, including stocks, forex, indices, and shares. The most popular one is usually in the forex market.

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(I.e., they recovered much better, but I’m not sure how much of that is due to absorbing Wachovia.) Goldman Sachs, the bank everyone loves to hate, was down as well. Thus far, the metals market has provided us with 3 waves down. In this trend, waves 1, 2, 3, a, and c form the impulsive waves that follow the upward trend.

elliott wave blog

They are the driving force of the final wave C of 5 that completes the whole rally. Early adopters tend to be integrated into the local social system more than innovators. People in the early adopter category seem to have the greatest degree of opinion one financial markets review leadership in most social systems. They provide advice and information sought by other adopters about a novelty. The early adopter is usually respected by his or her peers and has a reputation for successful and discrete use of new ideas .

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As mentioned above, there are rules that govern these cycles. The two most important parts of the Elliot wave are impulse and corrective waves. As a result, during times when the market is in a strong uptrend, there are times when the mood changes and traders begin to sell. On the other hand, when the market is in a strong downward trend, a time reaches when the traders moods changes and exits the trade.

At that point laggards can not longer resist the growing temptation to join that bullish party they have been watching on sidelines. They do not have much available capital to trade and this is why the top of the final spike in wave C of 5 is normally characterized by thin trading volume and participation. This final move up in many cases comes as a spike because at this point the vast majority of traders except for innovators are convinced that this rally will keep going up. Conversely, bears are demoralized by continuation of the rally and they are often forced to close their shorts when price takes out the previous top.

Trading and investing in financial markets involves risk. You are responsible for your own investment decisions. Elliott wave theory asserts that human psychology can be used to gauge the stock market, where movements in the market are correlated to psychological fluctuations. Essentially, swings in psychological conditions are related to waves of movements in the financial markets. The author posts regular updates of his latest market analysis on his web-site You can start learning today how to predict the next market move with a best selling video course taught by the author. Instead, in those cases all the five waves were subdivided into a-b-c’s rather than five subwave fractals.

I have been going through the structure some more, and, as I warned for the last several days, a break out seen before we hit the 4095 target would make this region much more complex. And, that is where we now stand.Normally, when a 4th wave ends, we get an initial 5-wave move off the low to confirm that the 4th wave has completed. But, because we expect this 5th wave to be an a-b-c structure, the a-wave start will not likely be a 5-wave structure. That may be a good explanation why rally in wave A of 5 driven by “Late Majority” is almost never is strong enough to break over the preceding top made by the rally in wave 3. The “Late Majority” got burned trying to play breakouts many times.

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The Three Elliott Wave Theory Hard Rules

A year ago today I lost my father and my best friend, everyone here lost their mentor and a friend. Dad and I spent the last 7 years of his life living together. Our households merged on a very snowy day in Feb those years back.

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Read supporting evidence why Glenn Neely believes a new era of market predictability has begun – and how this can directly impact trading success. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Professional investors may be subject to an exchange fee of up to $20/mo. Non-professional users will not be charged an exchange fee. So these are the main Elliott Wave Theory Rules and Observations that make up our Specially designed Indicator Suite.

Elliott Wave Update ~ 30 Aug 2022

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For the time being the blog will remain open for reference and educational purposes, however the weekend reports will not for the foreseeable future. I love talking with students and their excitement, positive attitude, and seeing my father’s work continue on helping people better their lives means a lot to me. Lessons are a requirement to have access to the private group which remains active and ongoing. Lesson advert he posted from last year please email me at if interested in taking lessons.

That is why they buy stocks on weakness and see them when prices approaches important resistance at previous top. Now I want to propose a theory to justify why the modified version of the five wave fractal is better suited to describe trending moves in prices. As you can see on the chart below, Elliott proposed a theory according to which waves 1, 3 and 5 of the five wave fractal are themselves subdivided into five waves of a smaller size . Beginning January 1, 2018, NEoWave’s Trading service expanded into thousands of markets, added Options trading, and eliminated Futures markets. Combined, these changes to the NEoWave Trading service will have a profound long-term impact on your ability to make money and protect profits.

She was reprobate on earth, twice dead while still “alive” in her earthly body having lost her soul and given over to Satan many, many decades ago. Total daily volume on the Wilshire 5000 was less than the previous 2 days.

I look at XLB mostly because I am now long SMN, but that’s beside the point. As the market has continued lower into our support box, we have been getting a nice bounce this morning. If you remember from my prior write-ups, I outlined that any rally off a low will likely be a corrective looking rally, taking on an a-b-c structure.

Assuming that the bottom has finally been struck for this recent decline from 4325, then it is likely this is the a-wave of the wave I am tracking. There is a clear difference between correlation and causation. Market movements can be correlated to psychological factors, however, there is not a direct link between the two.

The trader can then ride the impulse wave and close out at its peak, maximizing their profit from that trade. Impulse and corrective waves are the two types of waves that will develop in an Elliott Wave Theory pattern. The trick is identifying whether the waves developing are corrective or impulse because asset pricing and portfolio choice theory the nature of these waves will lead you to different insights and trading actions. The theory dictates that the chart pattern will contain five waves in the direction of the trend and three against it . Moves in the direction of the trend are labeled 1-5, and those against it are labeled A, B, and C.

One of Tony’s master strokes was to identify the turnings of the Saeculum using the stock market via his OEW approach. Tony unified the Saeculum and the stock market via OEW. It is a chart and forecast that has survived the test of time. At OEW we continue to monitor and hopefully build on the work of Tony Caldaro.

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